Field of Changed Dreams?

Blogging continues to be a huge place for community.  I am blown away by the friends I’ve met through Jon Stolpe Stretched and other blogs.  One of my blogging friends is Arny Sanchez.  Arny writes a blog called The Analogous Truth where he relates current culture to life and faith.  I’ve enjoyed following Arny as he’s related things like Star Wars and The Lord of The Rings to my world.  Today, I have the honor and privilege of sharing Arny with you as he related my favorite movie to a real life challenge.

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One of the best sports movies of all time has to be Field of Dreams – Jon’s favorite movie of all time as a matter of fact.

There is just something special about a guy chasing a dream that everyone thinks he is crazy for, and he is willing to sacrifice it all.

But, what if you had to give up that dream, or change it drastically?  For the sake of another.

One of my favorite characters from the movie is The Mysterious Ghost of Dr. “Moonlight” Graham…

The scene:

Graham played baseball when he was young but only got to play one game in the Major League and never batted.  Ray, (Kevin Costner) finds out Graham had passed away and never pursued his true dream again.  Even the ghost of Graham tells Ray that he is too old to be chasing young dreams.

Well, on the ride back, Ray picks up a hitchhiker with a bag with baseball gear in it….he looks like a really young kid.  They ask him his name and he says, “Graham, Archie Graham”.  So cool, right?!

The next day, the team is out playing a round of baseball on the field of dreams. After teasing him a little, he hits the ball and gets out, but hits an RBI (runs batted in).

He looks so happy.  He is living his dream.  He is playing with the best Major Leaguers.  Nothing could go wrong.  But,

Moments later, Ray’s daughter gets caught in a commotion and falls off the bleachers.  She is not breathing and turning blue fast.

Ray turns to the field, and he sees Graham getting closer to the side lines.

Without hesitation, Graham walks past the side line, and BAM!  He turns into the old man, the Dr!  He quickly comes and sees that she is choking to death.  He pops her back a few times and out pops a piece of hot dog.

Living to Serve

Given the opportunity to grasp our dream one day, would we be hesitant to let it go or change it, for the sake of another?

Maybe Peter and the other disciples were living their dream of owning a fishing business.
Maybe Paul was close to his dream of being the most educated Jewish lawyer.
Maybe the people of the church in Macedonia had individual dreams of their own to pursuit.

But these dreams were interrupted by a man who showed them a different dream.


Serving People.
Helping People.
Feeding People.
Healing People.
Crazy People.
Strange People.
Hostile People.
Sinful People.
Bad People.
Good People.
Big, Small, Young, Old, Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange People.

Do You have a Dream that involves People?