Elderly Wisdom

The other day, I was reading in I Kings 12 about a mistake made my King Solomon’s son, Rehoboam. After his father died, he became King of Israel. When confronted with an issue that could divide the kingdom, he chose not to listen to some of the older, wiser elders who had helped his father rule so wisely. Instead he decided to listen to what the young men had to say about the issue. As a result, Israel was split into two kingdoms – Judah and Israel.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss out on the wisdom of those around us who are older and wiser. And it’s easy to be swayed by the popular opinion of our peers.

I know that I have gained in wisdom from the likes of people like my parents, my parents-in law, my grandparents, my pastors, my bosses, and other people like Wes Kennedy, Bob Lewis, Stan Douglas from Grace Community Church.

Who is this person in your life?