Continue To Learn

Yesterday, I journeyed up to DeSales University for the PSPE Lehigh Valley Engineering Symposium in an effort to complete my continuing education requirements for my professional engineering license.  I took a couple of engineering ethics courses and two classes about construction project management and construction law.  The classes were okay considering the subject matter.  I’m looking forward to Wednesday when I’ll be taking courses that relate more directly to my work at Siemens.  These classes will include the following topics:  LEED and Green Building Standards, OSHA Compliance Regulations, Basic Thermal Design, Electricity for Non-Electrical Engineers, and Building Systems Commissioning.

This may sound fairly boring to many of my regular readers, but it’s an important part of staying fresh as an engineer.  Pennsylvania just enacted this continuing education requirement for engineers.  So I need these courses to keep my license, but I also need these courses to stay up to date as an engineer.

Just like continuing education is important to engineers, it’s also important for everyone.  We should make it our goal to keep on learning every day.  Whether you are an engineer, an accountant, a pastor, an IT expert, a mom, a dad, a husband, or a wife, it’s essential that you continue to learn.

Learning STRETCHES us.

Learning keeps us fresh.

Learning gives us new ideas for being the best we can be.

Learning helps us make the most of our God-given gifts and talents.

So keep learning, keep growing, keep STRETCHING!

What are you learning about these days?  How do you pursue continuing education?  What learning opportunities have STRETCHED you?

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