Book Review: Losing The Mask by Diane Karchner

What do you fear?

For many of us, we fear failure.  We simply don’t want to get it wrong.  We want to be right.  We don’t want to risk the possibility of letting others and ourselves down.  And so, we often lead a life of paralysis.  We miss out on life worth living, because we won’t take a leap of faith.

In Losing the Mask: Overcoming the Fear of Failure, Diane Karchner tackles her own fears and puts them on display for all to see.  She provides valuable insights into what it takes to overcome our fears, and she encourages readers to take the next steps in removing masks in our lives.

I love this quote from the book,

At the end of my days, I don’t wish for any successes to be applauded, nor talents bragged about, as if that was all there was to me.  Rather, I want my eulogy to read that I was ‘a woman who risked a lot, failed a lot, and always got back up.’

What is holding you back?  What mask do you need to remove from your life?  Check out Losing The Mask today.  It’s a helpful and quick read that I recommend to anyone whose fear of failure is holding them back from living life to the fullest – a life worth remembering!

Losing the Mask: Overcoming the Fear of Failure is available for Kindle at  Go pick up your copy today!

[Note:  I received Losing The Mask:  Overcoming The Fear Of Failure for free in exchange for a review.  I was not required to provide a favorable review.]