Book Review: Buy This Land by Chi-Dooh Li (@Skip_Li)

Have you ever dared to chase after one of your crazy ideas?

Buy This Land is a memoir that tells the story of a Spanish-speaking Chinese lawyer from Seattle, and his pursuit to provide dignity and hope to the rural poor in Guatemala and other Central American countries.  It’s the story of a man dared to chase after a crazy idea.

My shared connection to Guatemala made this book especially interesting to me as I could envision the places and people the author shares throughout the pages of this real-life story.  Chi-Dooh (Skip) Li provides a vivid and detail description of his own childhood and early career which lead him to establish Agros International, an organization recognized for combating the root causes of poverty.

In America, we take for granted our ability to purchase our own land.  This is a privilege often unreachable for the poor in countries like Guatemala.  Li’s passion to provide hope and a stepping stone for those in need propels him to create Agros as a way to help the poor purchase their own land.

Buy This Land recounts the many early struggles encountered in setting up the organization, and it goes on to explain the early challenges and successes that went into setting up the first few Agros communities.

Buy This Land is a worthwhile read, and it will give you a different perspective on the challenges faced by the poor in Central America.  I think this book will also give you a deeper look into Guatemala, the place and people who captured my heart.

Do you own or rent your place of living?  Why do you think land ownership is such a big deal?

(Please note:  I received a copy of Buy This Land for free from the author.  I was not required to provide a favorable review.  I truly believe this book will open your eyes and challenge you to chase after your own crazy ideas.

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