Blog Spotlight A-J

The blog world is pretty amazing.  I’ve met some pretty amazing people through blogging.  I thought it might be time to share a few of them with you.  Today, I’ll share highlights from my Google Reader list alphabetically from A through J.  Tomorrow, I’ll share the rest of the alphabet.  Check these out!

Abraham Chronicles by Dustin Valencia

Alex Speaks by Alex Humphreys

Beck Far From Home by Beck Gambill

Beta Christian by Moe NYC

Big B by Brandon

Bryan Allain by Bryan Allain

Chewing the Fat on Skinny by Tara Watson

Deuceology by Larry Carter

Dustn not “I”, but Christ in me by Dustin Stout

eFlections on Doing Life by Randy Kinnick

Jeff Goins Writer by Jeff Goins

I Love Skippack by Mike Shaw

ivoryjohn by John Wylie

Jason Vana by Jason Vana

Jeff Randleman by Jeff Randleman

Confessions of a Legalist by Jeremy Statton

Jon Acuff’s Blog by Jon Acuff

JPearson Refocus Reshape by Jonathan Pearson

Who would you add to this list?  If you’re a blogger, add your link in the comments.  Thanks!