August 2012 Top Posts and Commenters

It’s been a couple of months since I did a month in review post.  The past two months (July and August) have been a bit different here on The Stretched Blog.  If I look at the numbers compared to other months, it looks like I’m heading in the wrong direction.  If you take into consideration that I was on vacation for a week in July, I was away in Guatemala for over a week in July and August, and I’ve dropped most of my weekend blogging, the numbers make a lot more sense.  Actually, I’m quite optimistic about the future here on the Stretched Blog!  Here are the details for this past month:

Top Posts for August 2012:

  1. Guest Post: Wondering by Leanne Stolpe (8/2/2012)
  2. I Am A Missionary…And You Can Be One Too! (8/9/2012)
  3. More Than Words (8/28/2012)
  4. Ice Breaker – Jobs (8/24/2012)
  5. Ice Breaker – Songs On Your Playlist (3/23/2012)
  6. Re-Entry Reality – Back Home From Guatemala (8/6/2012)
  7. Always Be Prepared – Lessons From A Smoke Alarm (8/22/2012)
  8. Creative Expressions – Creatively Tapping Into Our Creator (8/8/2012)
  9. Book Review: Love Does by Bob Goff (8/27/2012)
  10. Ice Breaker – Memory Moment Songs (8/17/2012)

Top Commenters:

  1. Tom Tarver
  2. Larry Carter
  3. TC Avey
  4. Leah Adams
  5. Eileen Knowles

Looking forward to September and the rest of the fall, I’m looking forward to a deeper level of engagement with the Stretched Community and the blog worlds of several bloggers who I read regularly.  I’m anticipating new stretching experiences that I hope to share here!  And I’m hoping to get involved with more guest blogging opportunities here and on other blogs.  It should be a fun time.

Thanks as always for your readership, comments, and encouraging support along the way.  You are the ones that make Stretched such a great experience for me.  Please keep it up, and don’t forget to refer your friends and fellow bloggers.  Finally, have a great month!

How are things in your world?  If you’re a blogger, what was your top post?  What other blogs should I be reading?