Answers From Me Part 5 – Favorite Phillies

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been answering questions that you posed to me in response to an Ice Breaker question.  Today’s question comes from TMZ (a Phillies fan who currently lives on the West Coast):

Who’s your favorite current Phillies player? Of all-time?

Okay, I’ll be honest.  I haven’t been following the Phillies as closely as I used to especially as they have fallen back into the middle of the pack.  I’m still a fan though.  And to answer TMZ’s question, I’d have to say that Chase Utley is my favorite current Phillies player.  His grit, determination, and pure hustle are a great example for other players to follow.

And my favorite Phillies player of all-time?  That’s easy.  Michael Jack Schmidt.  Schmidt played 3rd base for the Phillies when I moved to the Philadelphia area in 1980, and he is arguably the best 3rd baseman of all-time.  He certainly had his flaws as a sports personality in a tough town.  But he has stayed with the Phillies since his retirement as a coach and promoter.  I’d love to meet him at some point to talk about his faith, his family, and his career.  (Tim Gradoville, you were a close second place!)

There you have it, TMZ.  Who is your favorite Phillies player (past and present)?  If you’re not a Phillies fan, who is one of your favorite players and teams?