Another Family Milestone – Our Daughter Heads to High School

Today marks a huge milestone in our family.  Hannah, our daughter and oldest child, starts high school.  How did that happen?

Are we as parents ready for this?  I’m not sure.

Is Hannah ready?  That’s another story.  She’s definitely ready!

She’s been practicing with the cross-country team for several weeks.  And she ran her first couple of scrimmage meets this past week.

She had already moved up to the high school youth group at church.  This move-up made her eligible to participate in the missions trip to Guatemala a month ago.  It was in Guatemala where it was made clear that she is ready for this transition.  She mixed in with the rest of the upperclassmen.  She knew as much or more Spanish than anyone else on the trip, and she was able to stand on the same level spiritually with the other kids on the trip.

There was a moment on the trip that will forever be etched in my memory.  In this moment, Hannah stood on her own as a caring, compassionate young woman.  When we finished building the house, our group held a dedication service with the family.  At this service, we gave the family the keys to the house.  We gave them a Bible signed by our team.  And we prayed with them.  At one point, Hannah pulled out her notebook.  I didn’t know this was coming (and I’m not sure if anyone else knew either).  Hannah had written out several words to share with the family.  I’m not sure what these words were since my Spanish is pretty weak, but I could tell the family was impressed and touched by what Hannah shared with them.

Photo by Kaleigh Rank:  The moment that will be etched in my memory forever.

And so, we arrive at today – her first day of high school.  I have such confidence and hope in Hannah’s future.  I know she’ll have her ups and downs.  But I’m a proud parent.  I’m thankful for this day!  I can’t wait to see what happens in Hannah’s next four years.

Do you remember your first year in high school?    How about your first day?  What do you remember about being a freshman?