AEX/GCC visitors…

Yesterday, we had the honor of a visit from the Hackworth family. John “Hack” Hackworth was my roommate for two years at Grove City College and was also the best man in our wedding. I am so grateful for our friendship.

I’m quite convinced that the reason this friendship has lasted despite the years and miles apart is because of our bond in Christ. We were both part of a men’s Christian housing group known as AEX which stood for Adelphoi En Christo – Brothers in Christ. It was as part of this group that we wrestled with subjects like holiness, stumbling blocks, and unity.

We also had a blast making up hall games like Plinko, Bathroom Ball, Power Oblate, 17 Ball, and others to be sure. We also had are fair share of on and off campus fun – returning books to the Buhl at 3 AM, playing NBA Jams outside the GeeDunk, going on Kings runs and midnight County Market runs, climbing into dryers at the Grove City laundry mat, and getting in a quick round of frisbee golf around the self-designed GCC frisbee golf course.

I will hold on to these memories forever.

Until the next post….