A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – by Donald Miller

I just finished reading Donald Miller‘s latest book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and let me share that it was a great book!

Let me explain.

The book is about Donald Miller, but I think it’s also about me – and it’s about you also.

Million Miles tells the story of what happens when two movie producers approach Miller about making a movie based on Blue Like Jazz (Miller’s first book).  As their discussion unfolds, they determine that they need to do some rewriting to make the story more interesting and more appealing to the average movie goer.  Blue Like Jazz is also a book about Donald Miller.  So Donald Miller (along with the movie producers) begins rewriting his own story.  As this process starts, Donald Miller is depressed and unhappy with his unexciting life.  Through the process, he discovers that he has some say in how his story – his life – is written.  So while writing the screenplay, Miller begins to branch out into adventure, into relationship, and into a life that has meaning.

As Million Miles unfolds, the reader is challenged to consider his/her own story and to decide to move forward in creating an interesting, worthwhile, adventurous, meaningful story.

I definitely recommend this book!  Get it!  Read it!  Decide today to write a great story for yourself!