A Day At Ocean Grove

Yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the warm weather and a rare free weekend to take a day trip to Ocean Grove, NJ. Ocean Grove is due east of our own home, and we can get there in under two hours without any traffic. We discovered the place a few years ago when Leanne and I were looking for a place to get away for an overnight. Somehow, we fumbled upon this place, and now Ocean Grove comes with our highest recommendations.

For a little history on Ocean Grove go here. Basically, OG was set up as a camp area for the United Methodist church. It is known as God’s Square Mile, because the town itself is exactly one square mile and it maintains its association with the UMC. The people are friendly in this town. The boardwalk is basically for walking, biking, or just sitting around.

We had a great day at the shore. The kids enjoyed playing in the waves and in the sand. They also enjoyed meeting a few new friends from North Jersey and NYC. We all arrived home refreshed – looking forward to our next visit to Ocean Grove.

Until the next post…