6 Words…

There’s a little game that I love to play, and it’s call “Hot Seat.” The basic idea behind this game is a follows: Get together with a small group of friends. Choose one person to be in the “hot seat.” Now, take turns amongst everyone else asking questions to the person on the hot seat. My rule is that no question is off limits; however, the person in the hot seat can decide to plead the fifth on any question that they just can’t answer.

This morning on my way into work, I was listening to the 95.7 Ben FM morning show, and I picked up a new question for my hot seat quiver. “What six words would you use to describe yourself?” This is a great question. Some of us would answer with adjectives (like tall, corny, etc.), and some might use nouns (like hoopster, runner, etc.). Here’s how I would answer the question with explanations as necessary:

1. Disciple – I want to be known as a disciple or follower of Christ.
2. Husband – I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful woman, and I want to be the best husband that I can be for her.
3. Dad – With two great kids, this goes without saying. I hope that I can live up to the examples set by my father, father-in-law, and grandfathers.
4. Friend – Finding true friendship can be more challenging as an adult. I hope that I am considered to be a friend in deed.
5. Leader – I’m thankful for the gifts of leadership that God has given me.
6. Stolpe – I’m so thankful for the legacy that comes to me by being a Stolpe family member. Friends of mine often comment that I have the Stolpe humor. And like all other Stolpe men, I stick out my tongue when I’m really concentrating.

So what words would you use to describe yourself?

Until the next post, think of those six words…