5 at Five

Five at five in the pouring rain

I hit the road and I feel no pain.

The lightning brightens up the sky,

I’m lost in my thoughts as my feet do fly.

Running brings me great relief,

I clear my head as I grit my teeth.

My body groans as I roll out of bed,

But it springs to life once the shoes do tread.

My morning run gives me time to ponder,

As I collect my thoughts and allow some to wander.

I’m thankful for these five at five,

When my soul wakes up and I feel alive.

I really appreciated my run this morning.  As I prepare for my day and for the 1st ever Perk Trail Half, these are just some of my thoughts.

Are you a runner?  What do you do on your runs?  What do you think about while you’re pounding the pavement?