3 Thumbs Up!

Today, I’m highlighted three things that get my thumbs up as I head into this weekend.

First thumb up:  The 9 Thumbs Podcast.  The idea for this post came from the three guys (Rob Stennett, Jason Boyett, and Matthew Paul Turner) who put out this new podcast.  Each episode, the three hosts talk about nine things that are getting their thumbs up.  So far, they’ve released two episodes.  The podcast is funny and informative.  They talk about movies, TV shows, podcasts, people, inventions, and all kinds of other stuff.  It’s worth checking out.  You can find them over at iTunes where you can download the podcast for free.

Stennett, Boyett, and Turner from 9Thumbs.com

Second thumb up:  The Grand Theater.  I blogged about this place several months ago.  After a visit to The Grand last night with my wife and son, I’m convinced that this “old-time” theater located in East Greenville, PA is a true diamond in the rough.  The movie and snack prices are still reasonable.  The movies are great (last night we saw The Lorax).  What more could you ask for?  If you live in the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area, I highly recommend you take a trip to The Grand, you won’t be sorry.

The Grand from a visit a few months ago

Third thumb up:  Shawn Smucker’s blog.  I just stumbled upon this blog this week thanks to some reviews for his new e-book, Building A Life Out Of Words.  I’m still figuring him and his blog out, but so far it’s a thumbs up for me.  Go check out at shawnsmucker.com.

Shawn Smucker from shawnsmucker.com

You’ve just read my first 3 Thumbs Up! post.  What do you think?  What would you give a thumbs up to this week?