Ice Breaker – Easter

April 18, 2014 — 10 Comments

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Question:  What is one of your favorite things about Easter?

My Answer:  Besides the obvious spiritual answer, I like black jelly beans.  I don’t eat jelly beans very often, but Easter often provides the excuse or opportunity to eat at least a few black jelly beans (and marshmallow peeps).

There are several other things I really enjoy about the Easter season.  For me, Easter signals the official start of spring.  Easter means brunch or dinner with family and friends.  It means Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  It means a sunrise service.

And Easter is a reminder of the ultimate gift I’ve been given.

Happy Easter!

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Jon Stolpe


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  • Larry Carter

    I like the Reese’s Easter Eggs

    • Jon Stolpe

      I used to love these things as well, but I had to give them up thanks to my intolerance for caffeine in chocolate.

  • Steve Y

    I have been eating way too many jelly beans.

  • David Stolpe

    I too like black jelly beans. And dying eggs.

    • Jon Stolpe

      I missed out on dying the eggs this year.

  • Coach Brown

    The rest of the story! The horror of the Cross and the anxiety over the empty tomb are awesome, but without the rest of the story we do not have Jesus sitting next to His Abba Father in heaven – the Ascension and Pentecost are the chapters of the story we seem to throw out there randomly… The Resurrection made the Ascension possible! The Ascension made our life beyond death possible. Jesus said follow me!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Truly, the best part of Easter. I’m amazed by how many people in America do not know what Easter is all about.

      • Coach Brown

        I have a bible study group made up of senior adults, mature believers by church measure, but I will be offering a follow up study on the days after the resurrection. Why? Because they too have become victims to what they have been told is important to know and they thus have not dug deeper.

        • Jon Stolpe

          How is the study going?

          • Coach Brown

            Growing in numbers and interest. We discussed what is the Gospel last night. They found it interesting how the CHURCH has made the “Gospel” a confession statement as opposed to what the Bible actually reveals. We shared the Gospel can be condensed into a short paragraph but requires far more to explain its value and full content.