Moving Forward (Terrie Thorpe)

June 4, 2013 — 17 Comments

Today’s guest post comes from Terrie Thorpe.  Terrie is part of The Network, a blogging community of Christ followers.  Terrie’s post shares her thoughts on moving forward.  Check out her post below and then hop on over to her blog.  Her bio and contact links appear at the end of the post.

Moving Forward


What keeps us moving forward? I have pondered this idea for sometime and this is what I come to conclude. For the Christian it is faith. But for those who do not hold to belief in Jesus, it is a form of self-motivation, ever reaching into the darkness of the future.

So what is this faith that we Christians cling to? Let me tell you what it is not:

1) It is not wishful thinking – crossing our fingers in hopes things will go right.

2) It is not an unfounded hope – believing in something impossible.

3) It is not blind – mindlessly following ancient teachings.

Faith is an uncompromising knowledge—at the heart level – of the truth of God. In the book of Hebrews, the writer expressed; “Faith is the confident assurance of what we hope for will happen. It is the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) There is only one way to know this faith and its by a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus through His Holy Spirit.  “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

The reality of faith is action. We must move forward beyond perceived boundaries to reach our goals of maturity. When we believe Jesus and receive what He said is truth, we are born again. Being born again comes with many benefits including God’s own Spirit living in us. The Holy Spirit is who leads and guides us. We grow in faith through believing and acting on what the Word of God says.

In recent years the Lord has led me in many directions. I had hoped for several years to write about my relationship with Jesus. In time my faith grew enough to write and publish two books about my experiences. I shared many of my personal trials and victories through God’s grace and truth.

When I came to Jesus, I brought a lot of baggage. Several decades of issues and misconceptions about the Lord, the Holy Bible and my position as a believer. I discovered it was those issues which held me in bondage for the longest time and prevented me from living the full life Jesus purchased for me at the cross. It is the payment at the cross which set us free.

Over the years the Lord patiently assured me of His love and presence in my life. He led me to people who could clearly explain my issues and how to get rid of the strongholds in my life. The scriptures came alive and I began to discern how to apply truth to my misconceptions. Like the layers of an onion, the Lord went deeper and deeper to heal my hurts, pains, fears that prevented me from freely loving Him. I can not say that all my issues are healed, some raise their ugly heads, but now I have a better view of God’s love for me and understand I have a part to play – I must actively get rid of things the Lord shows me are lies or harmful.

John 10:10 says “The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy – but I have come so that you may have life to the full.”

I am still amazed to what extent the Lord will go to show me that He hears my prayers, knows my thoughts and desires. How He moves in others to bring love and hope to me in the smallest of ways, like free cup of coffee, when I didn’t have money; A smile or an encouraging word from a stranger. These are some of the ways I daily encounter God as His child and His friend.

How am I moving forward these days? Knowing that the Lord goes before me and protects my flank. Even when I can’t see the outcome, I know the Lord is with me and directing my footsteps. Using the skills (courage, faith, love and forgiveness) I have learned to defeat the evil that comes against me and letting the peace of God rule in my heart because I trust in Him.

How are you moving forward today?

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This is a guest post by Terrie Thorpe: author, blogger and writer of Christian Living articles. Her books  “Am I Really Saved? Answering Questions of Christians” and “Footsteps of Jesus – Becoming a Disciple” are geared toward new Christians and those who have lost their way. Enjoys hiking, gardening, reading and sharing Jesus with the world!

Follow her blog: Light for the Journey

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  • Larry Carter

    I’ve come to a point where I don’t know what He wants me to do. I’m patiently “waiting forward” trusting that He will show me in some way what is next.

    • Terrie

      I know that oh so well. What the Lord has shown me is that I have taken my eyes off what he wanted me to do. It creeps in slowly and I didn’t even realize I was off course. The Lord wants us going forward into our personal blessing – the job we are assigned- but we are not forced to do it. It was in prayer that the Lord spoke to my heart and reminded me where I was supposed to be heading. I’ve confessed my issue and have started back on the path. Larry, ask the Lord to remind you what He said, He will. The Lord doesn’t want us spinning our wheels, but everyday should be exciting as we approach our mission. I hope that helps bro.

  • Steve Y

    Faith is a muscle we must exercise. Thank you for your words today and sharing your gift of writing.

    • Terrie

      Thank you Steve. Yep faith must be exercised always!

  • David Paul Stolpe

    Three weeks ago I found out that my dream job came open. This dream job is the principal position at James Dottke Alternative High School. When I say dream job I mean to say not only being a principal, but specifically at this school. Three years ago I took a job in this district with the hopes that I would some day land this position. In my make believe timeline this was going to happen three to five years from now, but principal there, who supervised my principal practicum is Leaving At the end of this year, and now is my chance. The weeks ago the prospect of actually being in this position scared the crap out of me. Was I really ready? But in the last three weeks these fears have subsided with constant affirmation from so many people who have repeated the answer, “yes, you are ready,” Especially people who I respect and know would be honest of they didn’t think I was. While I have now made it through the first interview and have yet to be appointed, God moves has moved me forward by surrounding me with support and love.

    • Terrie

      Wow that is awesome! For me the waiting is the hard part. Not seeing any movement can lead to discouragement, but we have to trust the vision the Lord planted in us and know He will bring it to pass. Those little angels the Lord uses keeps me going in the hard times. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Dan Erickson

    Just yesterday I made a call to our missions pastor for advice about getting involved in some local charity work with my daughter. She turns eight next week and I think it’s a good age to start her learning about helping others.

    • Terrie

      Blessing Bro with your new adventure!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Cool! Let me know how it goes.

  • Eileen

    “I am still amazed to what extent the Lord will go to show me that He hears my prayers, knows my thoughts and desires.” Me too! Good post.

    • Terrie

      Thank you Eileen. I think sometimes it’s hard to understand how much the Lord loves us and cares about every little thing! How truly close He is.

  • Carol Peterson

    So much truth here, Terrie. Hope is not wishful thinking. It is knowing through faith and also through experience–knowing because you know God’s character.

    • Terrie

      Amen sister! You know what you know, what you know – that heart level thing.

  • chris vonada

    This is excellent Terrie! I try to move forward every day taking with me a bit of wisdom that I have gained from my past and with anxious anticipation of what He has planned for me. I also try move forward being a good disciple-making disciple. Keeping it simple, learning as I go :-)

    • Terrie

      Thank you Chris for your kind words. Our past and what God has to say has carried me through some challenign times.

  • Terrie

    I would like to thank Jon very much for his gracious hospitality. Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to bless me with a comment!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Terrie, Thanks so much for sharing your post here. You’re welcome back anytime.