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June 3, 2013 — 9 Comments

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Here are the highlights from May 2013.  Thanks to everyone who read along and commented.  Your readership and participation in the daily discussions are what make The Stretched Community.  Thank you!  Overall, traffic was up slightly from March (5.14%).  That is four straight months of growth.  I have continued to limit my posts to Monday through Friday.  Taking the weekends off has given my more time with my family along with more time to process ideas for the coming week.  The top 10 posts included two track and field themed posts and a post written by guest blogger Dan Erickson.  If you missed any of these posts, I hope you’ll go and check them out now by clicking below.  The post with the most engagement was Three Easy Stretches to Writing a Book (Dan Erickson) posted on May 29, 2013.

Top 10 Posts:

  1. Book Review: Dear Dad by Sundi Jo Graham (@sundijo)  May 6, 2013 (96)
  2. The Cone Of Shame  May 2, 2013 (86)
  3. Rally Night TONIGHT!  May 20, 2013 (67)
  4. Three Easy Stretches to Writing a Book (Dan Erickson)  May 29, 2013 (62)
  5. Track & Field: 4 Lessons From The Starting Blocks  May 7, 2013 (62)
  6. Guatemala – Clothing  January 29, 2013 (61)
  7. Track & Field: 4 Lessons From The Hurdles  May 9, 2013 (58)
  8. Connecting With Teenagers – Worth It!  May 30, 2013 (51)
  9. The Impossible  May 21, 2013 (49)
  10. Give Me A Break  May 24, 2013 (49)

Top Commenters:

As promised at the beginning of the month, I have randomly chosen someone from the top 10 commenters to receive a copy of The Connecting Church 2.0: Beyond Small Groups to Authentic Community by Randy Frazee.  Your chances of winning increased the more you commented and the higher you were on the list.  This winner of this book is…(drum roll)…Dan Black.  Congrats to Dan!

For the month of June, I’ll be giving away a copy of Renegade by Vince Antonucci.  Again, the more you comment the higher your chances of winning.

Thanks to each and everyone for reading and for commenting.  I’m looking forward to June with The Stretched Community!

How was your month?  If you’re a blogger share a link to your top post in the comments?  What was your favorite Stretched post this month?  How were you STRETCHED in May?

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  • Joe Lalonde

    My month was fantastic. The site saw a lot of growth and had a ton of interaction.

    The top post was 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery. This post was written as part of the Exodus Road blogging crew.

    • Jon Stolpe

      I appreciated that post as it gave me something to ponder that I really hadn’t considered.

  • Steve Y

    I did enjoy your track blogs. Thanks for the lead on discussions.

    • Jon Stolpe

      Thanks, Steve. I have a couple of other ideas. I’m considering them saving them for an eBook about life lessons from track and field. What do you think?

      • Steve Y

        I think that is a great idea. My mind is already reading the things you’ll say about the vaulter, the timer, the announcer, the shot putter, etc. Great idea.

        • Jon Stolpe

          I’ll keep you posted. I hadn’t thought about some of these ideas. It definitely gives me more to chew on. I think I might also include the spectators.

  • Jon Stolpe

    Don’t give up, Larry! I appreciate your comments.

  • David Paul Stolpe

    Sorry Larry but I still got it.

  • TCAvey

    Congrats Dan! It sounds like a good book.

    Love your blog and enjoy learning from you.

    My top post was,
    It’s about God’s loving grace and His judgment. The two go together.