Love Works Wednesday Linkup Week 9

March 13, 2013 — 13 Comments

We continue the Wednesday series based on Love Works by Joel Manby.  In today’s post, Bill Grandi (The Cycleguy) and I are discussing the tenth chapter (A Choice You Make).  Check out Bill’s take by clicking here.

Since I already read the book, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the sentences I underlined when I read the book initially:

  • “’Profitability is a necessary condition for existence and a means to more important ends, but it is not the end in itself for visionary companies.  Profit is like oxygen, food, water, and blood for the body; they are not the point of life, but without them, there is no life.'”  Jim Collins – Author of Built to Last (p. 171)
  • “Enduring and successful companies are more ideologically driven and less purely profit focused than companies that don’t perform as well financially.”  (p. 171)
  • “‘There are two essential activities that take time:  developing an organization and developing a brand.  Those activities are parallel and interdependent.  Leadership is about teaching an organization what you stand for; brand building is about teaching millions of consumers what you stand for.  Leadership and brand building require time, consistency, and constancy.'” Joe Kennedy – CEO of Pandora  (p. 173)
  • “Shaping corporate culture is up to individuals across the hierarchy, no matter what their job title is.  Any of us can make a real difference.” (p. 175)
  • “Never lose an opportunity to bring sunshine into the life of another.  A few encouraging words could make a huge difference in someone’s life. (p. 176)
  • “Leading with love is too important to be left to chance.  It takes effort to lead with the principles of love – to be patient, kind, trustful, unselfish, truthful, forgiving, and dedicated.”  (p. 182)

We live in a time of entitlement – at least here in America.  People think that things should be handed to them and that the hard work of making things better belongs to others.  Many people are looking to their organizations, to other organizations, and to the government to take the leading role in changing the world.

While organizations and political entities may play a role in this change, I’m convinced that true change will only happen when individuals stand up and decide to take action.  Love based leadership is up to you and me.  We can’t wait for others to jump on board and take charge.  We have to be the trailblazers in our companies, in our churches, in our communities, and even in our homes.

We all have a choice to make.  We can sit around waiting for the world to change.  Or we can be the change that the world needs.  It starts with us leading with love.  As Manby states in this chapter, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO, a mid-level manager, a front-line employee, or the janitor.  How you live and act will impact your span of influence.  From there it will spread like ripples in a still pond until the whole body of water is impacted.

Choose today to lead with love.  Choose to make a difference.  Choose to set the tone where ever you are today.

Next week, Bill and I will conclude our exploration of Love Works and love based leadership.  It’s been a great adventure.  Be sure to check out next week Wednesday’s post for the conclusion of the series.  (And don’t forget to stop back every day between now and then for more great Stretched content.)

How will YOU make a difference TODAY?  What will you do to lead with LOVE today?  What difference have you seen around you when one person decides to take action?

Jon Stolpe


Christ-follower, husband, dad, engineer, manager, runner, blogger, sax player, group life fan, freelance writer, and the list goes on...
  • Bill (cycleguy)

    You are right about living in an age of entitlement. Only when we begin to stop looking for someone else to be our “end all” and our provider and supporter will we see change. But the choice is ours. Thanks for your take this week Jon. it has been a fun ride.

    • Jon Stolpe

      Thanks for the opportunity to link up again this week!

  • Larry Carter

    That’s how I try to lead. I’m going to be changing teams at the first of the month. I will have a new chance to lead a new team with love.

    • Jon Stolpe

      Larry, this sounds like an exciting opportunity – especially with your attitude.

  • David Paul Stolpe

    Wow, so where does that sense of entitlement really lie? Does it lie in the guy struggling to feed his family, with no access to health care, working seventy hours a week, at two to three jobs, who had no access to decent schools making or to the the CEO who is making hundreds to thousands of times what his lowest paid employees are making? I agree there is a serious entitlement problem, it border lines on slavery in places. We have been lied to and have it backwards as to where it lies. Desperate people with no power hoping that their government that is supposed to be by, of, and for the people will step in and protect them from abusive profiteering is not the entitlement problem, it is the abusive profiteering where the entitlement problem lies. And it completely lacks love.

    I don’t care what Joel Manby, or anyone else says on this one because the acid test on this one is Christ.

    Who gave more at the temple, the widow or the wealthy holy man?
    You lack one thing go and sell all your possessions and give the profits to the poor.
    Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.
    Christ was brought to rage and wrapped leather strips around his hand and flipped tables clearing the temple of the money changers.
    Whatever you have done for the least you have done it unto me.
    I could go on like this for a while. Time to stretch yourselves and ask, which side are you on. Christ is clear on this one boys and if you think the entitlement problem lies primarily with the poor and not with the CEO you are on the wrong side of the fence and need to look around you because you are surrounded by

    • David Paul Stolpe

      Surrounded by goats. Charity is important but it does not offset the damage done by by hoarding millions and billions made on the backs of the workers who you are depriving of a living wage for their work.

      • David Paul Stolpe

        All that said I do believe that as Christians who wind up being leaders in the corporate world there is a responsibility and an opportunity to challenge and change the entitled attitudes at the top of our socio economic strata. And there are companies that have become committed to paying good wages at the bottom and keeping the top to a much more reasonable less entitled level. The sad thing is that few of the notable companies who are doing this are not being led by Christians, and many of the notable profiteering corporations that deprive their workforce while living in excess are lead by “Christians.”

      • David Paul Stolpe

        To be honest this is the side of the fence I fear that I am on too. I too am a goat concerned far more with my own desires than with the needs of others.

  • Dan Erickson

    I’ll continue to be idea-driven as a writer, teacher, leader, and I’ll try to bring a little sunshine into others’ lives.

  • TCAvey

    I agree, each individual need to take responsibility for the area around them and start being the change they want to see. We often think we are one person and can’t possibly make a difference…but Jesus was one person and look how He is still impacting the world!

    • Jon Stolpe

      (Of course, He is the Son of God. :) )

  • Dan Black

    I make sure to daily aline my words and actions with the Words of God. I know I’m closely connected with God, the result will be showing care and love to others. Another great post bro!

    • Jon Stolpe

      Thanks, Dan. I agree; reading and acting on God’s Word has to be a priority.