Help Me Write My First Book

March 8, 2012 — 9 Comments

Yesterday on Michael Hyatt’s blog, Mary DeMuth guest posted about setting goals for the future and going for it now (Why You Should Be Living for the Future Now).  Through the comments that followed the post, I had the opportunity to interact with Mary and other readers about my own passion for writing.  I shared in the comments that I was considering the possibility of taking my writing to a different place by writing a book someday.

Through the on-line dialogue, my friend Tom asked me about the subject of my book.  I threw out a few ideas that I’ve considered, and I shared that I wasn’t all together sure.  The conversation continued with a suggestion that I use my blog as a stepping off point for my book.  To which Mary proposed that I ask my readers to give me feedback on which Jon Stolpe Stretched blog posts resonated with them the most.

Hmmm…. (That’s the sound of me thinking).  Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea.

So what do you think?

Can you help me?

What Stretched blog posts resonate with you the most?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  You could help write my first book!

Jon Stolpe


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  • Andy

    As a long time listener / first time blogger, I think that from yesterday’s entry, it appears that you have the begininnings for 10 – 12 chapters of a topic you are already passionate about.

    • Brandon

      Very true! Many of the stuff already written is book worthy. Just fine tune a bit more and make it more into a chapter…and WOW!

  • TNeal

    Jon, your weekly ice breakers tend to be fun and very interactive. It’s an idea that I still think about incorporating at A Curious Band of Others. You can’t build a book on ice breakers (well, you might be able to) but that’s where my first thoughts go in reflecting on your question. Where have you generated the most comments in your writing? Can you build on the theme or idea from there? Wish you the best in your quest. God bless (I suddenly have the urge to go read some Browning, Frost, and/or Dr. Seuss).

  • Arny

    Do it!  your family’s adventures are always pretty cool…

    You can also start “Another” blog specifically for the “stepping stone” …

    I don’t plan on writing a book or anything…but that’s what i did with my creative writing “Cravings” if you will…i started…The Storied soul where I can bleed my made up stories and unleash some creativity that doesn’t reflect my “primary blog”….and i’m “Tired” of using the the “Quotation marks” so i’m done….

    good luck!

  • Michael Shaw

    Jon: The blog posts that resonate with me the most are those that include some revelations about your personal thoughts and feelings and your family life, because they give me a window into who you are. I am not sure this answer will help you choose the topic for your book, however. God bless.

    • Brandon

      I agree!

  • Larry Carter

    Great idea. Something you could also consider is which posts you have the most passion about and which your readers seems to like the most.

  • Brandon

    Awesome! Are you planning on having the book published via print or online?

    I think that it would be cool if you incorporated some of your stretch stories into the book!

  • Tara

    Jon, I think there are so many areas you could write about. I love your insights about family—marriage, raising kids, etc. The question is what do you enjoy writing about the most? What posts really energized you? You might find there are a few books on your future best seller list. :)